Fresh Eyes

Years ago, a huge part of my art career was commissioned portraits, so much so that I eventually had to take a break. Now that I have spent some time exploring other avenues, I feel invigorated and excited to return to my love of portraiture with fresh eyes. For a limited time I will be offering portraits at half price. Please visit my website, contact me, and let’s create your next family heirloom!

Two Part Painting

Lately I’ve been playing around with this little painting referencing a photo I took of my granddaughter at a Christmas party. The scene reminded me of paintings done at the turn of the previous century. Part of the charm of the original photo was the expanse of floor before encountering the interaction of the characters. Having to crop the foreground to accommodate my small canvas, I ultimately decided to reinstate the floorboards with an additional canvas. The traditional scene mirrored by an abstract rendition is somewhat pleasing.

© 2020 Laura Pommier    Port Charlotte, Florida