Calm Before the Storm

Slowing down, backing up and rethinking can be difficult. The faster and more exciting things are, the happier I am. However, lately I’ve been dealing with the former and quite possibly I've learned to enjoy the calm while it lasts. Here are the last two little watercolors I’ll probably have a chance to do for a while, though I hope to continue in a few months where I am leaving off. On the horizon are commissions to fulfill, workshops to teach and of course the never-ending kitchen remodeling!

Lean but not starving

I’ve been living the lean life the past several weeks, holding onto funds for my current kitchen remodeling. That means staying out of art stores and using supplies already at home. Dabbling around in watercolor is a refreshing alternative. Since I have never mastered this medium I try to stop before I ruin my piece, which is a great exercise in keeping things fresh and not overworking. I am more than happy to do mini portraits in oil or watercolor for prices far lower than my larger portraits, starting at $50.00 compared to $500.00. Contact me on my website and we can make that extra special gift come true!

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