Ode to under painting

The waterway paintings are still in their infancy. I’m beginning to loosen up. Thank goodness underpainting provides for that. I even went to a journaling workshop in order to break down some barriers! Deep down I know I’ll look back on these first efforts as a jumping off point. So if this is taking the plunge, where will I surface?

I struck oil!

Finally coming down to earth, back to oil painting, my true love. Just like a new romance, I’m giddy with the possibilities and maybe a bit intoxicated from the lusciousness. The waterways of Port Charlotte snapped into focus during my relocation hiatus from painting, and therefore are the subject of this maiden journey. #PortCharlotte #Florida #waterways #landscape #oilpainting #newseries #underpainting #brushwork #artstudio #FloridaArtist #maidenjourney

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