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Land of Oz

An artist may have an entirely different take on their work than others who view it. As I share these final three drawings, part of a six piece series, the first art I made after moving to Florida, I see them as a time capsule. Thinking back, most of my work is produced in groupings, those being a product of my life at any given moment. In time order, the first drawing is a view from an Englewood shoreline of decaying docks looking towards Manasota Key. My challenge here was maintaining the white of the buoys as the brightest spots in the composition. Next is a neighborhood view where the enchanting border walls reminded me of the Land of Oz. Lastly is the famous Beach Road, complete with drawbridge, linking mainland Englewood with Manasota Key. Capturing space, loft and line was my goal. One might try to analyze art as also being a reflection, and while that can be true, I prefer to sweep the floor and wash the windows.

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