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Three Oil Paintings

In the 1950's waterways or canals were dredged into the landscape up and down the southwest coast of Florida, especially in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, making low lying ground higher and providing waterfront access to home buyers and developers. These paintings are views of three of the waterways near my home.

With Love,

Six Drawings

Vacations, palm trees and water views. These drawings are about adapting to a new environment after a life-changing move to Florida.

Contemporary Figurative Artist Twilight Scenery Spiritual
Little Lights

Six oils on wood

The little lights were inspired by the evening twilight along with a sense of person and place.

Birdseye Loop

Six pastels

Follow the story of two characters from discovery to dissolution.

Contemporary Figurative Artist Woodland Fairy
Contemporary Figurative Artist Model as Muse
Out of the Loop

Evocative depictions of model as muse

These paintings are just a few from a year long effort inspired by one model.


Studio Work

Additional pieces.

Contemporary Figurative Artist Female Painting
Contemporary Figurative Artist Pastel Portrait

Studio Work

Additional pieces


Commissions and Custom

Contemporary Figurative Artist Female Painting
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