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Specialty and
large scale projects

Faux Painting

In the time-honored tradition of the old masters, faux painting can raise the level of a space from adequate to amazing! Here, plain white trim takes on the richness of the wood flooring and doors.

Interactive Cut-Outs

With murals hitting the mainstream, bringing large-scale art to the masses, ushered in are the interactive opportunities such as these unique butterflies now gracing the lawns at the Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Gardens.

On-Site Painting

The making of art has become popular as a form of entertainment just like music or dance. I have produced paintings at several events and functions which is fun for myself as well as the guests!

This piece was done in three hours time at Laurel Civic's Evening of Inspiration and Transformation.

Statue Restoration

There are times when a customer calls on me and I realize I might be the best person in the area to accomplish what is required. So I do my best to accommodate. Usually, as in this case, I have fun, learn some things, and make a client very happy.

In this piece, I brought Captain Jack back to his true form after battling hurricane Ian.

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