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How do you Zoom?

I rather like teaching art classes with Zoom as there are several advantages besides people being able to safely attend from home.

The most profound improvement is that every student has the same close up view of the demonstration. Also I am not constantly getting in the way of my own painting or drawing. In live classes I have actually had people jokingly comment that my big hair is blocking the view, which is absolutely true!

Second, I feel a certain liberty to progress in the demo, describing my steps, until I finish an entire passage. In actual classes, once I feel participants are faltering, I tend to put the brakes on which maybe isn’t always in the student’s best interest. Perhaps, just as complete thought patterns have more meaning, so do complete artistic patterns.

I’m finding students are braver using Zoom. They don’t have the crutch of an in-house teacher coming by to correct their every move. I’m seeing more intuitive painting on their part, which is the best possible scenario.

Finally, anybody, anywhere can sign up for classes. I am teaching from one Art Center’s state of the Art Equipment. At the same time, I have rigged up my home computer system with two video cams and am teaching remotely for another art center, not to mention offering classes of my own. How awesome is that? Something tells me we artists haven’t seen the last of Zoom.


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