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Cover Girl

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

First Harbor Style, then Time! Ok, maybe not, but I’m honored to have made this cover, along with pages 25-28, and page 48.

Producing murals never entered my mind before moving to Florida. Yet, that’s what I’ve been doing, and loving every minute; the planning stages, working with the customers, logistics, and finally seeing the entire piece come together. It's extremely gratifying.

This interview also went in depth describing my art classes which continue to grow and evolve. Funny thing is, I am the one who is growing and evolving along with the artists who take my classes. I am so thankful to North Port Art Center and the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda where I teach.

Thank you to Jonathon Kosec for going to great length, describing the life of a working artist such as myself. Thanks to all my customers, students and fellow artists for supporting me as we support each other to make art a part of everyone’s lives. Shout out to Reggie Wanza and Clyde Sweatt whose photos also appear in this article along with mine and Jonathon’s. And last, the photo of me with my granddaughter, viewing the Blooms mural at Wellen Park, was taken by her parents.

And my Press Page for links to this and other columns

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