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My Classes

As requested, I now have a calendar page showing all of my upcoming classes. All of these are zoom classes, however I'll integrate actual classes as they begin to emerge.

Included are dates, times, phone numbers, links, and most importantly, the photo inspiration we will be working from.

Newest to the line-up is a pastel class which begins this Thursday evening, September 24, 6-7:30 pm. Although I haven't been working with pastels much lately, I look forward to this opportunity to re-engage with one of my favorite mediums and a great bunch of students!

The sketching classes can be signed up per class as we begin and complete a new sketch every week. The pastel classes are very flexible also as people will be working from my demos and also independently. The paintings however usually take 2 to 3 sessions so sign ups can be made when we begin a new painting.

Remember, anyone, anywhere, can sign up!

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