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Twists and Turns

Life sometimes has a way of making decisions for us, whether we like it to or not. And occasionally the decisions we make are what life would have chosen for us in spite of ourselves.

I’m approaching the third anniversary of my move to Florida, the purpose of which was to lead a more art-driven lifestyle and be closer to my family. Regretting leaving my long-time job, and a beautiful home, which I labored over with love, sweat and tears, goes without say, not to mention that I miss so many of my friends beyond words. As luck would have it my trusty job, unbeknownst to me, was to be on the chopping block before three years was up. So who’s to say those gut instincts aren’t sometimes life’s way of preventing a calamity of sorts. There’s really no explaining life.

Here is an assemblage of art work produced during my last Zoom classes with North Port Art Center, online classes being another unexpected twist to my art career. I never had the urge to become an art teacher when I was younger, however at this stage of my journey I feel I have experienced and learned enough to impart and share knowledge with other art aficionados. Did I miss my true calling? I don’t think so, just another page being turned.

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