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New Digs

Yes, in cyberspace, I have a new website design. What I thought was going to be a fun, not too complicated answer to the winter doldrums, turned into a brain-freezing conundrum.

I thought my old website was stale, overly busy and not much of an artistic experience for visitors. After perusing a few of the newer Wix templates and features, my first attempt utilized parallax scrolling and animated features, and while somewhat nifty, it did not work well with mobile devices. So for the second try, I dumbed things down a bit and went with my gut instinct on design. However, I discovered that, “I did this all by myself,” was written on every page. Finally I took another look at some templates and one in particular stood out. After customizing and making it my own, here is the result. Taking a week or two to build and another couple weeks to tweak, I still enjoy pulling it up, and I hope you will too!

Feel free to let me know if there are any pros or cons.

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