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Fence by Numbers

The Wellen Park Paint by Number Fence is 200 ft long and 5 ft high. Constructed of 10 ft. long by 5 ft. high aluminum panels, it provides separation of completed construction from future construction. The center of the fence rounds a corner with half running each way along two sections of road.

My assignment was to design a sunset on the lake which is the actual backdrop to Downtown Wellen. I decided to go graphic and abstract focusing on water, color, and movement. Kayaks were added as an additional focal point since they are used on the lake by residents and visitors.


I submitted a rough sketch of my idea which was immediately accepted. From there I produced color sketches for each panel of the fence.


Next, I reproduced the sketches in Adobe Illustrator.


A 12 swatch color pallet was approved by the customer.

From there I converted the color files to gray outlines with white fill. The design was primarily horizontal, so in order to make smaller spaces for guests to paint, I spaced lines vertically, 4 inches apart. Then I numbered the spaces 1-12 with the appropriate color number.


These computer files were rendered full size, 10 feet by 5 feet. They were emailed as PDFs to the company who was printing on the metal panels. A prototype was printed of one quarter of a panel at 100% so that we could see what the final result would be.


Backtracking, after I had produced color files of the fence, we changed the color pallet two times in order to get the desired look. Also, the design on the middle four panels changed a couple times as the fence was reconfigured. All went quickly since it was now digitally rendered.

Once the fence was up, I and one helper did a light buffing with 400 grit sandpaper and rolled Kilz Klear Primer onto the entire fence. This only took a couple hours.


Expecting hundreds of visitors, the paint was bought by the gallon. We used large syringes to fill 2 oz. plastic cups with lids topped with the corresponding number on the fence. This process took two days with help.


On the day of the event, participants signed a guest book with many donating to the veterans scholarship, then grabbed a two inch foam brush, a cup of paint and got busy working on the fence. Everybody was an artist that day!




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