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Summer is a great time to take a break from the monotonous, get out of comfort zones, and try new things! With that in mind, I am teaching several art workshops this summer for the Jasper Arts Center. 812-482-3070

All of my classes will be 6-8 pm.

June 6-7-8

Figure Drawing Class

Drawing the figure is a fundamental skill for anybody interested in making art. In this class we will explore traditional and untraditional methods in rendering the human form.

June 13-14-15

Fields & Farms Painting Class

When folks think of Indiana they envision rolling fields and rustic barns. Let’s revisit this enduring subject with fresh interpretations.

June 20-21-22

Portrait Drawing Class

Portraits – artists love them and fear them! In this workshop we will break down the parts and pieces into easy to render shapes. Here line and shadow help define personality.

June 27-28-29

Sunset Painting Class

This workshop, all about composition, color and atmosphere, will be a fun way to loosen up and experiment.

July 11-12-13

Drawing of Hands and Feet

It’s time to quit hiding hands and feet! By utilizing the building blocks of drawing, artists will develop confidence with this intimidating subject.

July 17-18-19

Animal Painting Class

Most of us have owned a dog or cat or simply loved the beauty of horses. It’s not as difficult as you might think to capture the spirit of our beloved fur friends with color and texture.

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