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Remember the Game of Thrones intro? That is what Wellen Park reminds me of. The buildings sprouting up at a mind-bending pace. Walls, windows, lawns and lights! Colors burst from here and bounce to there. Paths meander to and fro. Plantings are taking over every available plot. The architecture is genius, the details are gorgeous.

In and amongst this chaotic, sand blown, construction site, rose two of my most special art murals. A young woman floating and frolicking in the waves now adorns a parking lot partition. With relaxed arms, fingers trailing the water, she lazily kicks her flippers in the wake. Playful fish jump at her approach, birds frolic in the sky. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Into the Oaks, an interactive and 3-D mural occupying the wall on the corner of the coffee shop, pictures a vortex through the trees culminating in a sun drenched, water view. Whether passer-byes sit on the swing or walk through the trees, they will be enchanted with this secret garden. The color pallet is saturated, evoking cool tones on hot summer days.

Working in environments like this can be a surreal experience. Short term, fast paced, daily exertion, once complete, is a blur to process. Almost like the GOT, they were yanked from below and the paint bloomed to the surface.

And now the murals can come to life through AI! Enjoy the show!

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