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Curtain Call 2021

I don’t feel like I’m on the brink of retirement. More like on the brink of a new career! Since 66 years and 8 months is my magic number, I only have 2 and 3/4 years to get my act together. Kind of like being a sophomore in high school with a C average yet wanting to go ivy league. In other words, most artists don’t retire.

This year has given me confirmation that I should continue to paint, persevere and dream. Several new opportunities came my way, especially the murals. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted that happening. Yet while painting outside, high in the sky or low to the ground, in the heat or cold (yes, it can be cold in Florida at 8 am in February), I was in my element. The murals also led to two magazine features and several newspaper articles!

My classes have continued to grow. Another area I never considered my strong suit. In college I practically crumbled when I had to give a class presentation. Now people tell me I give them instruction they never thought possible. I have spoken in front of groups and on the radio with some pretty important people. No big deal for most, but huge for me. Recently a librarian asked if I would be a docent for an outdoor sculpture exhibit this spring at a significant venue. Who, me?

On a side note, with lots of help and support I now have a zoom station at home and at the art centers so that we can bring classes to folks at home.

As 2021 comes to a close I am mournful for not having completed a new portfolio of studio paintings, only three that I can call my own. All those sketches and demos don’t really count. So I’m curious and excited for the next act to begin. Happy New Year!

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