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Dreams and Memories

Two months after getting married, I returned to Jasper, Indiana in Dubois County to paint two very challenging murals, proving 2023 to be a whirlwind kind of year! But I’m so glad I did on both accounts!

River of Dreams, painted in the 3rd Avenue underpass over the Patoka River, was a mural artist’s dream come true. Although it was months before deadline, the concept came to me one evening, and I sketched it the next day and never looked back.

My idea was to create an immersive environment whereby a visitor feels both inside looking out and outside looking in. The ceiling features lily pads floating above while the walls are punctuated with portholes, tunnels, and vistas. From there, Patoka River animal life take center stage, from magical deer to bouncy turtles.

The second mural, Create a Memory, was begun before Dreams was 100% finished.

Memories is a more traditional mural featuring landmarks and attractions in Dubois County, from the Convent to the Cultural Center. This mural is very special to me as I lived in Dubois County for many years, before moving to Florida. I loved tying together the old with the new and bringing in elements of fun, surprise and nostalgia with my signature bright colors and sweeping compositions.

Dreams and Memories signify a part of my life and connection to Dubois County.

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