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It's all an illusion

As per their request: To paint their plain white trim to look like real wood. Who else would do it for them? I knew it could be done and look nice. Really nice!

The house, designed by the owners, is one of the many gorgeous homes here in SW Florida. In two weeks time, I painted the trim of a large arched double doorway and also the trim of a double door entry into the master suite.

You might think, as a painter of paintings, I would not be interested in such work, commonly referred to as faux painting, or in this case trompe-l’oeil. Yet I relish in the slight-of-hand, the illusion, of taking something rather invisible, of no consequence and making it into the showstopper, the statement piece, the impressive takeaway.

What did I receive other than a paycheck? Besides experiencing the comfort of painting in a beautiful space, all to myself, I felt the mastery of being able to create a mystery, a secret. I know when the owners return in the fall the first thing they will do when they walk in is look at the trim, and they will continue to turn and look for days, weeks and possibly years to come, because we pulled it off!

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