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When Pigments Fly

I’m closing out this crazy year on a high note. It has already hit the news and social media that I am one of two artists chosen to paint new murals at Wellen Park, a planned community in Sarasota County which includes a downtown, a lake, shopping, restaurants and many other amenities. In fact, walls for the murals were planned during conception. Some of you may be familiar with the Blooms mural I painted there last year at the Welcome Center.

This past fall there was a call out for artists to paint three different murals. A week before the deadline, Hurricane Ian made landfall. My submission, consisting of sketches, descriptions, portfolio and links, was basically ready and only needed to be assembled and uploaded but that was impossible for my entire area was without internet. Since schools were closed, I was called upon to babysit my grandkids in Sarasota, which was not hit as hard by the storm, and luckily my daughter had internet. While there I successfully submitted my mural designs.

Learning a few weeks later that I had indeed been selected, I was excited, relieved and a little nervous, as I had a feeling the other artist(s) were going to raise the bar, and I was right.

After much planning and discussion, the designs have been finalized. Ivan Roque, a premier painter from Miami, known for his massive floral and fauna depictions, is painting one huge side of the building, while I’m painting a smaller wall on another side which will have lights and an awning. I am very pleased, my composition being interactive, 3-D, and an altogether visual fantasy, is perfect for this space.

I will also be painting a wrap-around mural in the parking area on a large partition which will feature one of my original flipper feet figures. What parking lot doesn’t need a girl splashing through the waves on a hot summer day? Stay tuned for updates on our progress on Instagram. @lauraannpommier, @ivanjroque, @wellenparkfl. The pigments are sure to be flying!

Downtown Wellen Park nearing completion.

My wall 12' h x 17'4" w

Parking Partition Front: 8 ft. h x 22 ft. 5" w; Side: 8 ft. h x 11'1" w,

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