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Mural Painting 101

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

While the square footage hasn’t physically changed, just like a large city grows smaller, a new school becomes an old friend, watching an entire movie on a phone is just fine, our mural has shrunk from a billboard to a coloring book. It just happens!

Besides the usual best practices, here are a few tricks:

We covered the floor of the lift with large sheets of cardboard. We are now on the 2nd layer.

Small paint containers with lids.

A color chart with all the paint chips, including their numbers and what items they are used for on in the mural. Numbers on the paint can lids.

My personal favorite, each item on the mural has its own documentation with the paint colors to be used.

Working on the mural conjures up days as a child, eagerly waiting my turn to paint at one of the stand up easels at school, on a big sheet of paper with those pots of tempera paints.

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